It’s a sign…


Construction activity at The Tree Farm has been full speed ahead for the last few months. Most of the neighborhood pathways are paved, roads are being prepped for paving next week, signage is being installed, and the mail station will soon be built. It is becoming a neighborhood before our eyes. The soft trail system on The Tree Farm property will be open to the public, and we anticipate having trail signage installed in October. This is so exciting because of the connectivity this will provide to Shevlin Park. Keep your eyes open for our Trail Map and Trail Use Rules coming in the next several weeks.

We thank everyone who is respecting our request to remain off the roads as we prepare them for paving. It is very important to not disturb the prep work as it will affect our completion schedule.

You are welcome to park on Skyliners Road at the entry and walk or bike up the pathway to explore The Tree Farm on the weekends or after 6:00pm on weekdays. If you have not yet joined our list to receive updates and sales release information, please click here.