Construction Update

Construction is well under way at The Tree Farm and the neighborhood is taking form, day by day. Here are a few snapshots from the last two weeks of the construction work Taylor NW is currently doing. We look forward to sharing regular progress with you throughout the spring and summer. Anticipated completion is still on track for fall 2016.

Just a reminder, we ask that you please abide by our No Trespassing and Authorized Personnel Only notices. Construction sites are dangerous and we do not want anyone getting injured while roaming where they should not be.

05_03_16 EquipmentTTF
Clearing and grubbing requires some big equipment


05_03_16 roadgrading_400px
Giving “tree lined streets” a whole new meaning…


05_03_16 TreeDown
36 pine logs cleared for future roads were donated to Deschutes Children Foundation for their new nature playscape at the their eastside campus.


All roads have been cleared and rough graded


The intersection of Tree Farm Drive and Ridgeline Drive


The many boulders on the property are being “recycled”. The rocks are being crushed and used in the construction of the roads.